Our proprietary software is designed to help our clients succeed. It was developed by meeting planners for meeting planners, making it one of the most powerful and robust tools in the industry.

The technology simplifies all of the information for any meeting or incentive program and can be accessed in many formats. The software streamlines the entire process of managing a program, captures all the data and disseminates this information to our team with specific tasks that need to be completed. In short, it keeps the entire team current with all aspects of a program, ensuring seamless and efficient execution.

The system also integrates with our mobile technology, allowing us to operate the program on-site and have participants engaged via their mobile device.

Bottom line: Gavel Edge saves time, contains costs, helps manage all program details and delivers a better return on investment for our clients. Each and every client receives a customized program so you get only what you need, built when you need it.