Customized Managed Event Technology

Gavel EDGE is a proprietary system designed by seasoned meeting planners to provide dynamic managed technology for meetings and events that saves time, contains costs, and delivers a return on investment for every client.

As one of the most robust tools in the industry, the Gavel EDGE system consolidates all of the information for any meeting or incentive program.  It then streamlines the process of managing a program by capturing the data, disseminating information to your client services team to ensure seamless and efficient execution including a secure registration process and report delivery in a format and frequency that aligns with your event needs and success objectives.



  • Zero Learning Curve
    No training, staff onboarding, or new technology skills are required to use Gavel EDGE because everything is managed for you.
  • Increased Productivity
    All day-to-day activities and reports are handled for you so you can focus on developing or refining the details of your meeting or event.
  • Robust Technology
    Gavel EDGE is scalable to meet the evolving demands of technology and collects the complex data critical to events, has custom features to expand your options, and can provide you with what you need, when you need it, and the way you want it.
  • 24/7 Access to Reports
    View current, real-time standard & custom reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Export reporting data in formats compatible with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat. 
  • Integrated Mobile Technology
    Gavel Edge integrates seamlessly into mobile technology allowing for greater efficiency for onsite programs, and more engagement with participants via mobile devices.
  • Custom and Personalized Options
    Whether your event requires custom branding, personalized messaging, mobile interactivity/gamification, or your needs are specific to reporting, Gavel EDGE can be built to fit your business needs.


  • Data Analysis and Tracking
    • Assign users and permissions – Grant access to multiple users within your organization by assigning unique user/passwords through the administrative panel.
    • Limit report access – Control who sees what reports and data by limiting access by user role.
    • Program milestones – Track all elements of the program lifecycle within EDGE’s powerful registration platform. Review milestones such as: accounting, management, activities, travel, registration and rooms.
    • Email communication engine – Keep a record of email correspondence during your event. All event email communication is safely and securely stored within the Gavel EDGE application.  Searchable for easy retrieval.  Encrypted for security.  Server redundancy and daily backups are provided to minimize both downtime and data loss.
  • Built-in Standard Reports
    • Activity Reports – master activity/breakout, golf and spa detail, select activity, personalized attendee activity/breakout
    • Air Travel Reports – arrival and departure manifests as well as summaries, master registrations (including all travel segments), report of drivers, travel method percentage report
    • Real-time Integration with GIDS – air travel/reservation data is synchronized with GALILEO and available 24/7/365 within EDGE reports.
    • Air Cost Report – air summary report (total spend to date), air activity report (including traveler name, ticket number and ticket total to date), final air billing (complete report of traveler ticket number, date of issue and ticket cost)
    • Attendee Registration Reports – attendee cancel report, attendee cell phone/emergency contact report, special requirements report, VIP report, trip status report
    • Room / Hotel Reports – no room required, room/air exception, rooming lists (sorted by: attendee, check-in date, room, trip), rooming list summary (actual vs. pick-up)
  • Custom Reporting with Crystal Reports
    Access, organize and customize the look and feel of reports by combining Gavel EDGE with Crystal Reports. For example, combine air and hotel information with activity data for attendees and their guests to generate a custom report.  All custom reports are available upon request.
  • Mobile Interactivity and Gamification Options
    Gavel EDGE can be combined using app partners to increase engagement and achieve event goals. Encourage attendance, create memorable experiences, gain insights via real-time feedback, enhance learning through games, boost networking through scavenger hunts and interaction among attendees plus much more. Mobile gamification is available upon request.
  • Custom Registration Website
    Create a website and form that’s not only beautiful but designed and built to optimize the number of registrations.  Your registration website can be customized to match your branding, add your event message, images, video, and much more!  All custom registration websites are hosted and managed by Gavel International to ensure maximum uptime and minimize your technology efforts.  Registration websites are available upon request.