Increasing Incentive Program Effectiveness for Leading Coffee Roaster

A leading coffee roaster and retailer had executed an ineffective recognition program for their route sales drivers.  The program offered cash as a reward for setting up displays.  Unfortunately, only a few of the drivers actually earned the reward, which discouraged drivers and made the program very ineffective. Read More.


Streamlining Group Travel Challenges

An agriculture industry client needed to plan and coordinate a travel incentive program for 250 dealer couples.  In our initial planning with the client, there were several big challenges that the client was facing: the group was very last-minute when booking travel, attendees were not ‘well-traveled’, the agenda was continuing to change right up until the day of the meeting, … Read More.


Leveraging Gavel Air Travel Negotiating Power

We obtained a group movement for a 7-night Mediterranean cruise in and out of Venice, Italy for ten consecutive weeks. The client’s program offered two nights pre-extension in Venice prior to the cruise. We blocked out space on a major airline from JFK Airport to Venice for each of the ten group movements, round trip, with approximately 100 seats per movement.  Read more.

Executing Automotive Product Launch of Unprecedented Acclaim

A global luxury automotive client in Virginia wanted to host a long lead press event for 80 participants. This exclusive event would present the launch of a new luxury vehicle to the highly-touted automotive press. No articles or photos were allowed to be published before the announcement date, so privacy was a top priority. In addition, the expensive new vehicles would require security. Read more.


Introducing Annual Segment-Specific Incentives for Global Equipment Manufacturer

A global equipment manufacturer was experiencing sluggish sales on a global basis due to a downturn in the economy. The client needed to maintain existing loyalty and increase sales within specific product categories in their dealer network. Specifically, they needed to increase sales within the 25 product categories that are most vulnerable to competition and sluggish industry performance. Read More.

Increasing Sales Team Effectiveness for Global Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical client was planning a national sales meeting in Florida for 350 participants. Three weeks before this meeting, when all planning elements were already established, senior leadership at this client asked us to add a creative half-day sales training component. The event would begin at 9am, when on the previous night—in the same space—we were holding a casino-style theme party.  Read More.

orlando at night

Major Cuts to Transportation and Activity Costs for National Sales Meeting

A client wanted to conduct their national sales meeting in the Orlando area during peak travel season. However, their budget for the entire meeting was limited, particularly when it came to transportation and evening events. This client needed a quality sales meeting unhindered by these budgetary restrictions.  Read More.