60% Overall Cost Reduction for Vendor Summit

A client in the electrical distribution industry wanted to keep costs down while maximizing space during their vendor summit held on the Las Vegas strip. They were concerned with increasing prices for venue use in that prime area.

Additionally, they had specific space needs, preferring to use small breakout rooms. The client was opposed to using converted guest rooms or suites. Both the cost factor and space factor made finding an affordable venue on the strip that met their space preferences challenging.

Gavel came up with the idea to find a venue off the strip, but close enough to provide easy access to casinos, restaurants, shows and lounges. We then used our meeting expertise to negotiate the venue space, rates and food costs at a 20% savings. The client got the location and space they wanted while saving money.

Increasing production costs from the client’s selected vendor was another major concern. We utilized our vast network of industry connections to find a production supplier that reduced production costs by a significant 40% for our client. The decrease in costs did not adversely impact quality. The client maintained the same, perhaps even better, stage aesthetics and feel as they did with their former vendor.

Gavel saved the client 60% in overall costs for the vendor summit while fulfilling their space and location needs. As a result, the client started off ahead of the game for this important event.