Gavel International has taken our programs to a new level!  Our entire group is excited about the possibilities incentive travel brings to our organization.

Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Industry – September 2017

Gavel International’s attention to detail and exemplary quality of service not only met but exceeded the needs of our high demanding executives.  We’ve used Gavel many times and they never disappoint to deliver what we want and much more. 

Director of Marketing Communications, Industrial Equipment Company – May 2017

The team at Gavel International anticipated and planned for our needs even before we knew about them!  Thank you so much for helping us achieve a very successful kick-off of our club programs.

Administrator, Technology Industry – May 2017

Gavel International helped us to plan and execute the most successful large, scale meeting to date!  The reviews we received from our dealers and employees only confirmed what we knew already – Gavel helps companies achieve goals through meticulously planning meetings and all the details around them.  Thank you!

Annual Meeting Team, Food Industry – April 2018

Gavel did a fabulous job and your ingenuity was once again on display.  The poolside cabanas as the afternoon hospitality suite were a huge hit.  Your willingness to go the extra mile, coming in early, and staying late to make sure everyone and everything was taken care of was much appreciated by all, but especially by me.  Additionally, your negotiating skills resulted in a great rate deal and savings, plus you did a  fantastic job of tracking rooms, flights and other details that made me look like a star.  Thank you for your hard work and for a great trip.  I look forward to our next one!

Associate Director of Sales Effectiveness, Health and Nutrition Industry — June 2018

It’s apparent Gavel International not only loves what they do, but is very good at it!  Gavel was easy to work with and did just what they promised – bringing fun, positive energy along with helpful, friendly expertise to help our team succeed. 

Administrator, Technology Industry – May 2017

Once again Gavel International delivered a fantastic experience for our agents.  The received great comments and much praise for the work Gavel did to make every event and activity something special.  We are looking forward to the next one and can’t wait to see what Gavel has planned.  

Chief Executive Officer, Insurance Industry – September 2016

I’m so glad we have Gavel International on our side.  The expertise and experience they bring is what we depend on for our competitive advantage over others in our industry. 

Executive, Technology Industry – May 2017

Gavel International not only makes what they do look easy but they provide support, patience and guidance during the planning phase as well.  We certainly could not have done it without you!  Thanks for another great conference.  

Conference Team, Food Industry – October 2017