As a leader in the in-person meeting and event space, the team at Gavel International excels just as well with virtual events that are well planned, perfectly executed and engaging for attendees. It starts with understanding the target audience and identifying the content that will inspire their imagination and ignite their enthusiasm. From there, our skilled team partners with leading technology vendors to provide the foundation for the event by considering critical factors such as budget parameters, meeting format, and virtual friendliness.

The seasoned meeting planners at Gavel International drill down into every aspect of the meeting – defining goals and objectives, creating a meeting agenda that addresses key topics to fulfill the event’s purpose. Additionally, our meeting professionals and vendor partners ensure that your event theme is intertwined throughout, pulling in the best and most dependable technology, curating music to create the right environment and combining this with our proprietary Gavel Edge attendee registration and communication system.

Considering the complexity of hybrid events, enlisting the assistance of highly experienced meeting planners like the team at Gavel International is essential for ensuring they are successful. The planning process must address aspects of both in-person and virtual events, increasing the amount of time and work that must be invested, as well as the attention to the little details.

Fortunately, Gavel International has been in the meeting planning business for nearly three decades and has a long list of happy clients to show for it. Our event professionals anticipate the need of every client and seek the best solutions, both for in-person aspects, as well as virtual components of the hybrid event. We consider every part of your hybrid event from venue to the goals set for the meeting, presenters, individual sessions, necessary technology, entertainment and team building activities. Our goal is to exceed client expectations by drilling down into what really brings value to our clients.


Strategic Planning
Every detail is considered, from the audience’s pain points and interests to how to maximize the client’s budget to achieve event goals.

Valuable and Compelling Content
A thoughtfully created agenda, strong branding, running theme and opportunities for attendees to get involved via social media challenges, polling, live chat and Q&A sessions to drive engagement.

Production Support
Planning the meeting is just part of the entire process. Gavel provides production support to help clients pull it off seamlessly.

Dependable Technology
Identification and implementation of dependable technology keep the virtual or hybrid event running smoothly without costly interruptions. In addition to identifying the best technological tools, Gavel International offers technical support and troubleshooting.

Fun Breakout Topics
Yes, fun! In a professional way, of course. The Gavel International team knows that it is far too easy for attendees of virtual meetings to lose focus if they lose interest. The team nurtures engagement with breakout topics that are educational and enjoyable.

Portable Studio
Setting the tone is just as important for a virtual or hybrid event as it is for an in-person event. To this end, clients have the ability to conduct rehearsals for presenters and MCs as well as options for music.

Registration and Communication Expertise
Virtual and hybrid meetings are still new concepts for some people. Gavel International understands this and ensures that attendees have guidance on attending a virtual meeting, how to access the Livestream and how to log-in. Additionally, Gavel Edge ensures seamless and efficient execution including a secure registration process and report delivery in a format and frequency that aligns with your event needs and success objectives.

Post Event Support
Powerful data and meeting analytics position clients to maximize the ROI they receive from their virtual or hybrid meetings. These metrics reveal what did and did not work and provide the transparency clients need to make future events a rousing success.

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