Increasing Incentive Program Effectiveness for Leading Coffee Roaster

A leading coffee roaster and retailer had executed an ineffective recognition program for their route sales drivers. The program offered cash as a reward for setting up displays. Unfortunately, only a few of the drivers actually earned the reward, which discouraged drivers and made the program very ineffective.

We met with the coffee roaster’s management team and many of the route drivers to fully understand their concerns. We developed a points-based program for them so all of the drivers would have the opportunity to be recognized. Earning rewards was much more effective in driving sales, increasing productivity and boosting employee morale. We designed a platform that tracked the activity of the route drivers so they and management could track their performance.

Many more drivers were able to earn reward points, which led them to feel they were making a difference in the performance of the program. Over 75% of the route drivers enrolled within the first two days of the new program. Display activity increased and sales grew at a much faster pace than expected. More route drivers earned rewards compared to the old program, but more importantly, company loyalty and employee morale improved.