executing automotive product launch

Executing Automotive Product Launch of Unprecedented Acclaim

A global luxury automotive client in Virginia wanted to host a long lead press event for 80 participants. This exclusive event would present the launch of a new luxury vehicle to the highly-touted automotive press. No articles or photos were allowed to be published before the announcement date, so privacy was a top priority. In addition, the expensive new vehicles would require security.

Months of planning and contracting an exclusive buy-out of a resort had us well-prepared for the event. We arrived with the client VIPs four days prior to the event to load-in special maintenance support—parts and vehicles—so everything could run smoothly. However, weather reports threatened a possible hurricane turning north toward the shores of Virginia—and sweeping inland to include our area. Our special guests arrived safely, but the following morning our multi-media presentation was cancelled due to strong winds that knocked out power to the entire resort. Not only that, trees were uprooted surrounding the garage where the special new vehicles were housed.

We responded to this unfortunate obstacle by gathering the resort staff, placing dozens of candelabras in the presentation room, and meeting with the clients there. In the safety of the resort’s main building, surrounded by candlelight, the automotive manufacturers and press were able to exchange insights and information in a more intimate setting. We also secured outside assistance to clear trees from the driveway of the property, which allowed the new vehicles to be driven and reviewed. We then worked to ensure that our partners in ground transportation and air services were ready for a flawless departure process.

Both the automobile manufacturer and automotive press experienced an unforgettable night. The intimate candlelit discussion was truly unique, devoid of the usual video promotions associated with this type of event. The review and feedback from the press who attended were the most positive ever in the history of a product launch by this automotive manufacturer.