A global pharmaceutical client was planning a national sales meeting in Florida for 350 participants. Three weeks before this meeting, when all planning elements were already established, senior leadership at this client asked us to add a creative half-day sales training component. The event would begin at 9am, when on the previous night—in the same space—we were holding a casino-style theme party. We would need careful and detailed planning to execute a fast load out of the casino night as well as a load in and set up for the sales meeting. We developed a creative solution and presented our idea to the client within a matter of days. The client reacted positively to our proposed course of action: a simulated sales environment.

We began by converting the Ballroom into 3 sections: a hospital, a clinic, and a physician’s office setting. This 3-section approach allowed each sales representative to rotate through multiple stations to practice sales calls. What’s more, we added a park setting in the middle of the ballroom—complete with plants, fountains, etc.—so representatives could get coffee, relax, and prepare for their next call. We even had all the mock physicians dress in scrubs to make it feel more authentic.

By the end of the sales simulation all sales representatives had successfully rotated through each of the different stations. They had ample time to practice their sales skills and gained confidence in their presentation abilities. What’s more, feedback from the sales representatives, sales trainers, and senior leadership was overwhelmingly positive.