There’s an app for almost everything these days. The rise of the smartphone created a huge market for mobile apps, and the possibilities are practically endless. Meeting planning is a multifaceted industry, but thankfully there are apps that even the most proficient planner will be grateful for. We’ve compiled a list of applications that can meet your planning needs and make your job a whole lot easier.

  1. Sched –
    Sched provides a platform for creating and managing custom event websites and mobile apps. It’s an event management tool that lets you make an agenda, manage online content, handle reservations, and even feature sponsor logos. It’s a great way to keep organized.
  1. Super Planner –
    This one lives up to its name. Super Planner helps with the logistical side of things, providing calculators for venue capacity, staffing, catering, and more. Not only that, it includes a number of tips and planning recommendations.
  1. Slack –
    Slack is a communication tool that can seriously cut down the number of pesky email threads you have going on at one time. This app lets you organize team conversations into channels and share files. It’s a messenger app that streamlines communication and neatly organizes your conversations. What’s more, it saves all your interactions in searchable archives. You can also connect your Slack to your social media and Google drive, so you could receive notifications only in Slack if that was your preference.
  1. World Time Buddy –
    Simple but effective, this app aids in planning meetings across different time zones. World Time Buddy can set the correct meeting times for each time zone and send emails to all participants.
  1. CamCard –
    This app is great for anyone who makes a lot of contacts and collects a phone book’s worth of business cards. With CamCard you can snap photos of a business card, automatically get updates whenever contact information changes, add notes to a contact, and more.
  1. Scanner Pro –
    If you’re looking to turn your phone into a portable scanner, look no further. This app lets you take photos of multiple documents and then crop, resize, or adjust lighting before saving, emailing, or printing. Receipts, paper notes, multipage documents, even whiteboards—Scanner Pro can handle all of it.
  1. FlightView –
    This app lets you keep track of your travel—and the travel of your speakers and attendees! You can organize multiple flights, exchange travel information, and receive notifications about changes to schedule, route, etc. It keeps you informed so you can save a lot of stress the day of your event.
  1. iClickr PowerPoint Remote –
    Bet you never realized your phone could become a PowerPoint remote! Not only does this app turn your phone into a helpful tool, it also lets you see your presentation on your phone screen. What’s more, your presentation will also be recorded. You also won’t have to worry about a phone call ruining things—you can exit the app for a call then pick up right where you left off.
  1. MindNode –
    This one is helpful for brainstorming ideas. MindNode is based on mind maps, so you can start with a central theme and then collect ideas in an organized, visual way.
  1. HeyTell –
    Helpful during setup or the event itself, this app turns your phone into the equivalent of a walkie-talkie. Good communication is key, and HeyTell is an effective aid.
  1. MyMeetingPro HD –
    If you’re looking for a versatile planning app, this one is a great bet. It’s perfect for note taking, but also comes with planning tools, time-keeping tools, and other means of preparation.
  1. Bizzabo –
    Bizzabo is a fantastic way to update your agenda and content in real time. It also lets you generate social buzz as attendees share your event in their networks. Not only that, it comes with analytics and social metrics for gauging your event’s success.
  1. Gavel Custom Apps –
    If you’re looking for a custom event app, Gavel International can help build one for you that has Integrated real-time attendee data such as but not limited to: hotel reservations, airline information, personalized agendas and more.  Apps designed by Gavel are also integrated with Gavel’s robust registration system so it is always up to date.  No spreadsheets to upload, no need to change content in multiple locations plus it is all managed right in the setup interface.

Mobile apps can be a great asset to any meeting planner. Whether designed or customized, apps have unique benefits and can save time as well as help keep you organized, even on the go!

If you’re looking for a customized app for your next event, contact Gavel International.