Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico, known for its sandy beaches, brilliant blue waters, as well as dazzling sunsets and sunrises. It’s also a city built for adventures from water activities to scenic hikes, shopping and sightseeing.  Take a journey through the city with these ideas:

  1. Take in the Scenic Views and Wildlife
  • Whale Watching Tours
    Throughout the shores, seas and rock formations, whales can be found throughout Cabo San Lucas, especially close to the shores. The humpback and gray whale are two that can be found migrating north until the end of the season, which is around March/April.  Bottlenose dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, mobula rays are among some of the sea life that can be seen during a sea excursion.
  • Land’s End and El Arco
    Only reachable by boat, Land’s End is one of the most photographed destinations in Cabo San Lucas and with good reason. This stunning rock formation is located right where the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez collide and is sandwiched between the beaches of Playa del Amor and Playa del Divorcio.  Both Land’s End and the Arco (arch) provide picturesque views and are ideal for watching sunsets and sunbathing wildlife as well as kayaking in the turbulent, turquoise waters.
  • Window to the Pacific
    Created by winds and crashing waves over centuries, the Window to the Pacific is most spectacular when viewed at water level, on a glass bottom boat.
  1. Lounge at the Beach
  •  Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach)
    Not far from Land’s End is a stretch of beach known as Lover’s Beach. Scenic views can be found on the beach, as well as on and under the sea! Lover’s Beach is ideal for a day spent enjoying the sun and splashing in the ocean.  Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities due to the tranquil waters and abundant aquatic life.
  • Pelican Beach
    Just below the cliffs of Pelican Rock, near a rock that jets into the sea sits Pelican Beach.  Enjoy whale watching from the shore, scuba dive, snorkel or paddle board to see the beauty of the life that lives just below the ocean’s surface.
  1. Enjoy Sporting Activities, Cabo Style
  •  Water Sports
    For the water sports enthusiast, paradise consists of crystal clear water, sunny skies and plenty of aquatic activities, and Cabo San Lucas is not a city that disappoints. From sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, scuba diving to glass bottom boats and kayaking there are plenty of activities to fill every hour of the day.
  • Golf at Palmilla Golf Club
    Located in San José del Cabo, the Palmilla Golf Club is home to three, nine-hole course.  This glorious golf course is truly a golfer’s paradise with views of the sea from nearly every hole, as well as lush, greenery.  In addition to golfing, the Palmilla Golf Club is an ideal location for group events.
  • Cliff Jumping at Pelican Rock
    The cliffs at Pelican Rock are the place to test limits by jumping off into the beautiful blue waters below and then climbing right back up to do it again and again.
  1. Shop, Dine and Sightsee with Charm
  • Iglesia de San Lucas and Town Square
    Iglesia de San Lucas was built in 1730 and is a great sight-seeing trip for those interested in architecture and local traditions. It is surrounded by shops and restaurants to make the outing stretch through a full morning or afternoon.
  • San José del Cabo
    For a bit of old town charm, San José del Cabo is a perfect companion to Cabo San Lucas. With a more traditional Mexican flavor combined with the elegance of upscale resorts, this sister city is nestled about 20 minutes away. For those looking to for more relaxing shopping, dining, golfing or gazing at a bit of Mexican history, you’ll find San José del Cabo a hidden gem!

Whether Cabo San Lucas is a destination for aquatic activities and wildlife watching, or relaxing, shopping or golfing, there’s something for every traveler to enjoy.

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Jim Bozzelli