When asked about what makes a meeting the most valuable use of time, 62% of survey respondents answered: clear, relevant, defined and specific.1

Here are a few questions that can help build clarity into your meetings:

For Leaders

  • What are is the goal/mission/objective of this meeting? What do we hope to have attendees learn, understand, discuss, make changes, etc.?
  • Who should be attending the meeting? Is it really relevant to them – and why?
  • What messages or other elements do we need to have in place leading up to the meeting? (e.g. surveys, pre-tests, data/analytics, reports, agenda, etc.)
  • What’s the perspective of the attendees about attending the meeting? (I don’t want to me here . Feel like it won’t get much done?   Meh, I don’t really need to engage.  The above all set the meeting up for failure.  So, address these right away and get these attitudes shut down!)2
  • What items should be recapped/summarized before the meeting concludes and why?

For Participants

  • What information should I be really be paying attention to? What information should I be taking notes on?
  • Where should I be joining in on the conversation? Where does my “voice” matter?
  • Do I need clarification? What questions should I be asking?
  • Who else should I be letting have a voice in the conversation? Why does that person’s input matter to me?
  • What other people should I be connecting with/interacting with that I’m not, that I should be? (And why…?)

For Meeting Planners

  • How to be design long meetings with interesting, interactive and relevant breakout sessions to keep attendees engaged?
  • What venue makes the most sense given the needs of the meeting – balancing sessions, activities, amenities, distractions, etc.?

If your organization desired highly successful and well-accepted meetings include clarity in your meeting design.   Not only will this ensure more productive and effective meetings, but will also create meetings with highly engaged participants.

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Eloisa Mendez