Known for its lush, tropical landscapes and white sandy beaches, Fiji is a luxurious island paradise.  Made up of more than 330 islands with incredible views, clear blue waters and elegant coral reefs, it truly is an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily routine.  But it’s not just the beauty of Fiji that makes it special.  With a melting pot of cultures there is a variety of culinary options available.  Here are a few you must try:

Appetizers and Wine at Bure Du Vin

Ideal for a pre-dinner gathering, the Bure Du Vin is a perfect destination for perfectly executed canapes and high-end wines with a French flair.

Purini at Hot Bread Kitchen

Purini is a lovely steamed custard or pudding and the best place to try it is at the Hot Bread Kitchen.  The bakery also serves a variety of bread and baked goods as well as catering to vegetarians and vegans, offering up some choices for all.

Indian Cuisine at Indigo Indian Asian Restaurant
Dine near the water and enjoy authentic Indian cuisine such as butter chicken and goat curry, or order other Asian flavors such as Thai, Chinese, or Malaysian.

Pasta at Pappagallo Italian Restaurant
Pappagallo Italian Restaurant is known for deliciously fresh, sophisticated flavors and generous portions of pasta.  The in-house, made-from-scratch pizza is amazing!  While waiting for food, guests can enjoy the elegant Italian ambience in a beautiful tropical setting.

Lolo Buns​ at Dick’s Place Bar & Bistro
Literally steps from the beach, Dick’s Place Bar and Bistro uses only fresh ingredients from local fisherman and their own organic farm which makes this restaurant truly a standout.  With a variety of cuisine options there is something for everyone to enjoy.  However, don’t forget about the Lolo Buns!  These Fijian coconut buns are soaked in coconut milk, then baked until they are golden brown.  They are delicious warm anytime of the day and pair perfectly with a cup of lemonade, iced tea or pale ale.

Kokoda at Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant
As the national dish of Fiji, no one should visit the islands without trying kokoda.  This spicy dish consists of locally caught, fresh fish, chef-squeezed coconut cream, tomatoes, chilis, and onions. At Nadina’s they serve it in the most festive way too – in a large clam shell!  Simply delicious.

Lovo Cooking at Koro Sun Resort Restaurant
Similar to modern foil-packet cooking, meals prepared using a lovo require preparation and patience.  This extra attention to detail means that meat and taro (similar to a potato) are marinated then carefully wrapped in banana leaves before they are placed in a hole with hot rocks.  This ancient style of BBQ provides exquisite flavors unlike those found using today’s grilling, baking, or cooking methodologies.  It’s a must-try experience when in Fiji!

Brazilian Cuisine at Vai Restaurant & Bar

Right along the beach in Denarau Island sits Vai Restaurant & Bar with 180 degrees of Fiji beach. Dine with the sand on your feet, sun shining, or right alongside the pool. You’ll find a variety of delightful seafood items coming from local sources.  If you’re truly looking for a culinary experience, the Mediterranean flavors shine but the boldness of Brazilian cuisine is second to none!  At the end of the meal the staff will send you on your way with a special local song.

Hibachi at Tokoriki Oishii Teppanyaki
Located in Tokoriki Island, this Asian hibachi grill is a must while visiting. Nestled in tropical gardens and lily ponds this Japanese restaurant is perfect for elegant dining with a bit of showmanship!  The chef is known to perform engaging games with the guests, sometimes creating spectacular shows out of food preparation making the wait both entertaining…and memorable.

Prime Rib at Ports O’Call

Recognized as one of the classic restaurants in Fiji, Ports O’Call serves premium steak and seafood unlike anywhere else on the islands.  The service itself is quite an experience in and of itself, which lends to the ambience of a classic ocean liner and luxurious silver table side service. For food, the lobster bisque is excellent, but for a truly outstanding culinary dream the aged grain fed prime rib is a must.

There’s no question that guests will be stunned by the beauty of a tropical destination such a Fiji.  With so many culinary options, they will remember their journey through the many wonderful flavors available in this glorious island region.

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