Taking on a new leadership position (whether starting in a new company, or as a job promotion) comes with many responsibilities – one of which is gaining the trust and respect of your team from your very first day. It is not about a popularity contest; rather, it is about demonstrating that your employees and colleagues can count on you to provide solid guidance and direction to ultimately lead the organization to success.

However, showing your team that you will take a strong stance while avoiding the temptation to go overboard by micromanaging is tricky. You do not want to come in too hot nor too cold. Additionally, you want to appear approachable, but not like a pushover. The following tips will help you strike all of the aforementioned balances.

Introduce Yourself the Right Way

Sharing knowledge of the company you have already acquired will let your co-workers see that you are prepared and committed to your new role. Let them know that you are here to help them be their best as employees. It is also helpful to give them a bit of your professional background so they can see what you are bringing to the table.

Hold Productive One-On-One Meetings

Some voices can get lost in the crowd and this can be detrimental to the success of your organization. Those voices might have great contributions to make but may slip through the cracks. The best way to ensure that every single one of your employees is heard is to meet with them one-on-one. You can ensure the meetings are productive by preparing a set of questions about what they view as the strong points and weak points of the organizations, as well as its recent successes and failures. You should also ask them about their own professional goals and the unique contributions they believe they can make.

Get to the Bottom of Obstacles

Sometimes you have to address the negative before you can take positive steps forward. Obstacles that hinder employee morale and productivity can seriously derail the progress of any company. Fortunately, knowledge is power. When you find out what the obstacles are, and get insight on solutions from those in the trenches, you are well positioned to overcome them.

Find out What is Working – and What is Not

Being aware of what you are up against in terms of the organization’s struggles will play a critical role in helping you get up to speed. Getting up to speed quickly will, in turn, show your team that you are a capable leader worthy of their respect, confidence and trust.

Unearth Opportunities that Have Not Been Seized

You never know, especially as someone who is new to the company, what kind of opportunities are ripe for the picking. However, your employees do, and they can give you the information you need to capitalize on these opportunities. You could exceed expectations by seizing opportunities no leader before you has managed to capture.

Making a powerful impression as a leader is about much more than showing up and giving orders. It is essential to present yourself as someone who your employees can depend on for guidance and support. Following the aforementioned tips will help you present yourself in the best light.

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Jim Bozzelli