While Lausanne may be a small city, its charm is undeniably mighty. Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, this quaint and vibrant city has no shortage of sights that look like they came straight out of a painting. That said, its thriving food scene should not be overlooked. Learn which Swiss specialties in Lausanne you will not want to miss.

Fun and Flavorful Fondue

You have not truly experienced fondue until you have tried it in Switzerland. White wine and garlic season local cheese. Buttery baked bread gets dipped in the mouthwatering gooey goodness. Enjoy it all with the strong sense of community that eating fondue creates among the people who are dining together.

Creamy Local Cheese

Fondue would not exist without cheese and the cheese in Lausanne ranks among the best in the world. While popular cheese such as Raclette, Emmental and Gruyère have their place, it is the local cheese that really shines.

Refreshing Berries

Who needs processed dessert when you can choose from a staggering selection of fresh berries that grow in the region? Certain varieties can be found in few other places on the planet. Your berry options include gooseberries, blackberries and red currants.

Swoon-Worthy Chocolate

That said, there is nothing wrong with indulging from time to time. Swiss chocolate makes the perfect treat when you want to tantalize your taste buds. Milk chocolate was created in Switzerland and still has a delicious presence today. Shops offering artisanal chocolate line the streets of Lausanne, making it easy to satisfy your cravings.

Mouthwatering Swiss Meringues

These light, airy and totally irresistible pastries are a mainstay in all of Switzerland including Lausanne. Get them topped with fresh whipped cream at the most traditional restaurant in Lausanne, La Pinte Besson.

Lip-Smacking Cured Meat

You may not think of Lausanne as a haven for cured meat, but the platters found there can compete with those found in the top restaurants around the world. La Ferme Vaudoise serves food local to the region including a cured meat and cheese platter that is not to be missed.

World Class Wine

It may not technically be a food, but the many different types of wine served throughout Lausanne provide the perfect complement to the local food. Getting to try the wine in Lausanne is a special treat, as the majority of the white wines in the Lavaux region are not exported. The UNESCO protected Lavaux heritage vines draw wine connoisseurs and people who just love drinking wine in droves.

If you want to experience stunning views of the majestic alps, the enormous Geneva Lake, clean air and a host of activities, Lausanne is the place for you. Factor in its unforgettable food and you may never want to leave.

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Jim Bozzelli