San Francisco has become a hotspot for travelers in recent years for many reasons – its temperate climate, scenic landscape, vibrant art scene and soaring mansions among them. An assortment of delectable food has also put the Golden Gate City at the top of many people’s bucket list.


It does not get more authentically San Francisco than cioppino, a hearty fish stew that was created in the city. The tangy tomato broth is packed with seafood favorites including dungeness (a type of crab), mussels, crab and calamari. Sotto Mare in Telegraph Hill is renowned for its take on cioppino.

Egg Custard Tarts

At the opposite end of the spectrum are egg custard tarts, an irresistibly buttery, creamy, flaky and sweet concoction that is one of the most popular desserts in town. There is always a line out the door at the Golden Gate Bakery of egg custard tart fanatics.

Xiao Long Bao

Cultural elements of the Pacific Rim abound in San Francisco and one of the results is that Xiao Long Bao has become a staple of residents. These steamed buns are prepared and served in Chinese bamboo steaming baskets. Yank Sing is reputed to serve the most delicious rendition of this dim sum dish.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream

The sweet-and-salty combination has been a big hit in food for the past several years. Salted caramel ice cream was an original iteration of this current trend and it never fails to disappoint. You can find this decadent, creamy treat at many ice cream shops in the city.

Dutch Crunch

Rather than being a dish on its own, Dutch Crunch bread is the tasty serving receptable for just about any ingredients you want to elevate to the next level. It is a staple at bakeries throughout the city.


At Zanze’s Cheesecake and local San Francisco bakeries, cheesecake is prepared much like a delicate, light souffle. This airy quality makes it temptingly easy to down an entire cake rather than stopping at one slice.

Prime Rib

Prime rib is a San Francisco classic that is best enjoyed at House of Prime Rib, an English-style eatery that started serving its renowned version in the 1940s. A heaping serving of creamed spinach complements this juicy cuisine perfectly.

The Rebel Within

A quintessentially San Franciscan dish is The Rebel Within, a soft-boiled egg served inside of a sausage muffin. This quirky, unique breakfast food is best when topped with Tabasco sauce, the way it is always served at Craftsman and Wolves.

The San Francisco food scene is among the most diverse, creative and scrumptious in the world. While the city is perhaps best known for numerous brunch selections, burritos and sushiiritos, it offers a much wider selection of food. The aforementioned items in the list above are just a few of the mouthwatering options at your disposal.

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Jim Bozzelli