Known for its stunning view of the Swiss Alps and reflections of brilliantly designed buildings, Montreux, Switzerland is a serene destination located along the southwestern European Rivera along the shores of scenic Lake Geneva.  This breathtaking city is filled with history, charm, and nature at its finest.  When visiting Montreux, here are ten places you’ll most certainly want to keep at the top of your list:

Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is an island location on the lake near Montreux. As one of the most visited castles in Switzerland, it is beloved for its gothic arches, courtyards and ornate decor. Inside the castle you can see various paintings, parade halls, and a brilliantly preserved bedroom. This castle is a great place to see the beautiful architecture as well as see the spectacular shores of Lake Geneva.

Queen Studio Tour

The incredibly famous band Queen recorded seven albums in the town of Montreux, including their final album. During the tour you get to learn about the history of Queen as well as their relationships with the townspeople of Montreux. The visitors can also stand where Freddie Mercury recorded his last song. This would be a great tour for fans of all ages and stages of life, offering up the ability to see where the band created their greatest works, including Bohemian Rhapsody.

Fairmont Le Montreux Palace

Fairmont Le Montreux Palace has gorgeous views of Lake Geneva, so this five-star hotel has everything you need for a luxury vacation. It has a spa and a wonderful garden to explore. The hotel also offers numerous high-class restaurants, making it ideal for those looking to sample a wide variety of different cuisines.


Rochers-de-Naye is a mountain in the Swiss Alps and hosts a string of trails for tourists and locals alike. There are over 2,000 meters of trail to hike and observe the hundreds of different types of wildlife and plants.

Lakeside Promenade Fleuri

If you aren’t a big fan of hiking but still prefer to see the beautiful scenery and the feeling of traveling with your own two feet, there is a scenic walk along Lakeside Promenade Fleuri. The walk takes you alongside Lake Geneva with a view to Chillon Castle.  This is an absolutely stunning walk, especially during the late spring and early summer months where flowers are in full bloom.

Lantern Trail Of Les Pléiades
The Lantern Trail of Les Pléiades provides a wonderful trail to walk with snowshoes and kerosene lanterns. To get the most out of the trip you should take a train ride to Les Pléiades and then follow the trail lit by beautiful lanterns. To finish off the trip, most locals don’t go home until they taste the fondue before heading back to Montreux.  It goes without saying, but this is a winter day adventure, so be sure to dress warmly including a scarf, hat and wool mittens!

Montreux Noël
The city of Montreux celebrates the festival during the last weekend of November through the Christmas season. It is a fun event for people of all ages, celebrating the winter holidays in all its glory as the traditional Christmas Market opens.  Festivities include music, food, milled wine, lights, and artisans with activities for kids of all ages.

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces
The Lavaux Vineyard is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, creating a great place for visitors wanting to explore the wines and other brews of the country. Tours are offered throughout the trail, though it is considered a “crime” to not stop in to a pub or a vineyard for a drink while in the area.

Narcissus Trails

Throughout Les Pléiades there is a trail that takes the hiker through gorgeous fields filled with Narcissus flowers, the native emblem of the region. The best time to see these beauties is in the spring when the flowers are at their full bloom.  Nothing can prepare you, however, for what you see when you see field, after field of these amazing flowers.  Simply breathtaking!

Montreux Jazz Festival

The festival that the town is ultimately known for, otherwise called the Montreux Jazz Festival, is an amazing experience for all ages. It is generally held early in July on the Lake Geneva shoreline. This festival is the second largest annual jazz festival following Canada’s Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Between exploring castles, hiking trails, and attending amazing festivals, Montreux, Switzerland will be sure to satisfy those looking to indulge their senses.  Whether you come eager for adventure, anticipating breathtaking views of nature, or ready to see where Queen created music, Montreux will not disappoint.

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