Group travel can be just the thing to boost motivation, garner loyalty, and improve relationships. Taking some time to step out of the office and get a change of scenery will undoubtedly benefit any group. However, there are many ways to handle corporate group travel, and many opportunities. If you’re seeking a good reason to plan a business group trip, look no further: here are some creative ways to address business group travel.

Rewarding Top Performers

If you’re looking to reward top performers, what better way than with a travel opportunity? An all-expenses-paid getaway will surely help them feel valued. In fact studies show that non-financial incentives are preferred and leave a lasting impression.  Time away from the office will let top performers recharge their batteries so they can return to work with renewed vigor.

Corporate Training Sessions

Training sessions are a great opportunity for group travel. These sessions can be vital to your company’s success, but can also be boring if the trip is limited to instruction sessions only. Holding these meetings in a new, exciting location can improve the experience and add a little excitement.

Mergers and Acquisition Meetings
Mergers and acquisition meetings are also ideal occasions for travel. Such meetings can be intense, after all. Turning a weighty event into a travel opportunity can help take the edge off. Plus, there’s the added benefit of meeting in a neutral location. Why not make the location both neutral and enjoyable?

Product Launches

Why not turn a product launch into a travel opportunity? If you’re bringing together a large group people to show off a new product, it couldn’t hurt to meet in an appealing location.  This kind of group travel is also a perfect opportunity for manufacturers and wholesalers to have the opportunity to meet with dealers and retailers.

Team-Building Activities

Travel is also a great way to bring your team closer together. The excitement of visiting a new location will help get employees in the right frame of mind for team-building activities. Enjoying a shared travel experience builds camaraderie that in turn makes team-building efforts more effective.

Corporate Hospitality

If you’re looking to woo a prospective client, travel might be one of the best tools at your disposal. Inviting company executives on a trip shows just how interested you are, and conveys your interest in gaining their business. What’s more, a travel opportunity provides a more relaxed context, which can aid your attempts to turn a prospect into a client. A laid-back environment can produce a transparency you would likely never see in a traditional office setting.

Executive Retreat

Executive retreats are also a great reason to travel. When senior staff need to do some vision-casting, strategizing, or recuperating, off-site locations are ideal. Getting outside of the usual meeting spaces helps get the creative juices flowing, and a new location can provide the comfortability necessary for a productive meeting.

Whatever your reasons for corporate group travel, we have you covered. For help planning your next group travel event, contact Gavel International.