Once home to royalty, Stuttgart is the capital of southwest Germany’s Baden-Württemberg state; a city of unique experiences.  It’s also known as the car capital of Germany due to its heavy car-themed influences.  However, Stuttgart is also a city rich in history, culture and nature.  Get ready to explore with these top hot spots:

Ludwigsburg Castle
Located just 10 miles from Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg Castle is one of Europe’s largest and most treasured Baroque castles.  It features over 74 acres of pristine gardens and parks and 450 rooms.  If you are visiting during the summer months, you’ll find the Ludwigsburg Theatre Festival a delightful treat with performances taking place in the building built in 1758 using original props, pulleys and other stage devices. 

Porsche and Mercedes-Benz and Museums

With both Porsche and Mercedes-Benz headquartered in Stuttgart, auto enthusiasts will most certainly want to visit these museums.  While visiting they can see the history and timelines, explore different vehicles, dive into the design and engineering, view racing trophies, listen to the different sounds of engines and even see what’s up and coming for new design and technology.

Fernsehturm Stuttgart

Fernsehturm Stuttgart was the first telecommunications tower made with reinforced concrete and steel. Though the tower is over 60 years old and roughly 710 feet tall, it is a must see for anyone in the area. While you are at the top of the tower you can capture gorgeous views of the Black Forest.

Haus der Musik

Located in the Fruchtkasten, Stuttgart’s Haus der Musik (translated to House of Music) is a great place for music lovers to learn about how music in the past was created, published, and presented to the world.

Killesberg Hill Park

Located in the middle of Stuttgart, Killesberg Hill Park is known to be the beautiful ‘green oasis’ of the city. Killeseberg Hill Park has it all; a swimming pool, a petting zoo, as well as a wide variety of restaurants. A perfect place to leisurely spend your day!

Neckar Park

Featuring a wide variety of options and different events hosted at Neckar Park this is a must visit hotspot for any tourist. This 136 acre park has soccer fields for the pros, often hosts different events, and you can see Mercedes Benz World.

Public Library Stuttgart

Though a public library is not often first on a tourist’s list of places to go, Public Library Stuttgart is definitely one to check out. The gorgeous architecture and being named a Library of the Year by the German Library Council1, it is a must-see for all those interested in literature as well as architecture.

Strotmanns Magic Lounge

Little to no German is necessary when attending the magic show. Audiences often leave the show amazed and awestruck by the performances. You might be able to score yourself a free drink for traveling the furthest to see them!

Gedenkstatte Nordbahnhof

In the Gedenkstatte Nordbahnhof Train Station sits a memorial for the 2,600 Jewish people deported and later killed by the Nazi’s during World War II.  Visitors can see the details and documents along five train tracks and a 70 meter long wall memorial.


Staatsgalerie is an art museum located in Stuttgart, with its original opening dating back to 1843. After the opening of the New State Gallery in the early 1980s, it is widely known to be one of the leaders of European art galleries.

Stuttgart, Germany is a place for people who enjoy the past and the present and those who enjoy the experiences and the adventures that the city has to offer. There is nothing better than putting on a pair of comfortable shoes and exploring a city and its history.

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1 https://www.bibliotheksverband.de/dbv/auszeichnungen/bibliothek-des-jahres.html