Creating a culture of value is one of the most important factors any organization can have to keep employees motivated, productive and engaged.  Employees at every level want to know that they are more than just a body driving business objectives.  Here are some ways that you can motivate your employees and create a stronger corporate culture:


Everyone has their goals and aspirations outside of work. Maybe it’s a dream vacation or the desire to experience other cultures. Perhaps it’s a cause they are passionate about. For many, work is just a means of accomplishing what they really want to do with their lives. For others, it might not be a specific goal but just the desire to feel like their work matters. If employees don’t have this sense of meaning in their work, they will be tempted to turn off their brains and simply log the hours. That is why it is vital that companies connect with their employees to help them achieve these deeper goals.

How To

  • Set company goals and reward them with travel incentives. Consider orienting your rewards toward teams instead of just individuals. This will help ensure that employees who are not usually in the spotlight receive recognition.
  • Surprise individuals with public recognition and small rewards. Make a list of valuable qualities in a worker and pick a different quality to recognize each month.
  • Find a charity that fits with your company’s values or social mission and provide optional volunteer opportunities. When possible, set measurable goals so you can update your team when they are met. For example, if participating in a 5k charity run, set a goal of how much money your team will raise.
  • During regular performance reviews, check in with your employees regarding their personal goals. If there are specific charities they are involved with or destinations they are eager to visit, see if you can incorporate those into the next travel program, training event, or volunteer opportunity.


Nobody wants to be stuck in a dead-end job. The best workers want to be at a company where there is room for advancement and where they feel challenged. Providing room for advancement will also encourage workers who might be more prone to do the bare minimum.

How To

  • The most obvious means of advancement are promotions. However, frequent promotions may not be possible for your company. Instead, provide opportunities for continued education. Many people are eager to continue learning but might feel like they missed their chance. Offer tuition reimbursements for workers to expand their knowledge. This will not only give them a sense of accomplishment but will be an asset to your team as well.
  • Likewise, provide training opportunities at offsite meetings. This will give your workers the chance to learn something new while enjoying a little time away from the office setting.
  • It is also important that your employees feel like a trusted and valuable part of the company. Consider entrusting members of your team with special assignments. It may require training and mentorship on your end, but helping your workers take on added responsibility will be worth the effort.


Even if long-term goals are being met, day to day quality of life matters. If an employee is pushing themselves to the point of sacrificing basic necessities, they will quickly become burnt out. Help your employees maintain a healthy balance.

How To

  • Don’t skimp when it comes to better health benefits. Encourage healthy habits by providing your workers with a gym membership. Likewise, make sure you are giving sufficient time off and encouraging employees to take personal days.
  • Implement wellness programs. Enforce your program goals by rewarding sessions with a personal trainer, travel rewards, and health merchandise such as a nice gym bag or a Fitbit.
  • Don’t overlook the small things like healthy snacks, quality lighting, and allowing small breaks throughout the day.

Every office is filled with unique personalities with differing strengths and weaknesses. Be careful not to overlook the less obvious gifts an employee brings to the table. Devise a program that will push your employees to greater achievements while rewarding them for the great job they are doing. Despite the many differences, everyone desires to feel like they are a valuable part of something bigger than themselves.

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