The magnificent architecture and storied history of Prague get most of the attention, but overlooking its cuisine is a mistake. This stunning Czech city has plenty of tempting treats to satisfy the most avid of foodies. The food is not only tasty, it is also comforting and filling. The real challenge is narrowing down the many standouts available. Fortunately, you have us to do it for you.

Svíčková with Dumplings

If you want to try a classic Sunday family dinner, Svíčková with dumplings is ideal. Sirloin beef, braised and marinated a day in advance, receives a topping of root vegetable cream sauce for a perfect Czech version of comfort food. This savory dish then served with bread dumplings, cranberry sauce, a lemon wedge and a light dollop of unsweetened whipped cream.


Soups and sauces are a staple of Czech cuisine and everyone will appreciate this vegetarian soup, especially those who want an alternative to recipes that include meat. It is served with a poached egg, so those who avoid eggs will want to order it without. This creamy soup has an intriguing slightly sour/sweet taste from the mushrooms and sour cream that your taste buds will appreciate.


The Czech version of potato pancakes are simply out of this world. Bramboráky is so popular, you can get it at just about any restaurant in Prague. This is a traditional dish that is perfect for those who want to eat like the Czech people, but without taking a major risk. It is especially good paired with savory food like sausage.


These open-faced mini sandwiches are one of the rare street foods you will find in Prague. They are available in different varieties – one for virtually every taste. Examples include walnut, beetroot and goat cheese; as well as remoulade, celery root and tomato. Munch on chlebíčky while strolling the streets of Prague or take a seat at an outdoor café to give them your full attention.

Smažený sýr

Cheese is one of those universally loved foods that finds its way into the cuisine of nearly every country. Prague is no exception. Here, Smažený sýr – fried cheese – rules. It is often served with French fries or tartar sauce, making it an excellent item for a bar menu.


Schnitzel tops the menu at most of the restaurants in Prague. In the Czech Republic, Řízek is often made of pork. It is often paired with potatoes or potato salad, which nicely complement its robust flavor.


This cream-stuffed puff pasty can satisfy the most incurable sweet tooth. Filled with meringue or flavored cream, it is a low-key favorite of Czechs. Most vastly prefer it over the more well-known trdelník, which is actually not traditionally Czech.

Pecena Kachna

Roasted duck is to Czechs what chicken is to Americans. Many dishes are based around it, and when accompanied by sauerkraut and dumplings, you have a family lunch staple. That said, pecena kachna can be prepared in many different ways; chefs are limited only by their imagination.


This cinnamon and sugar pastry may not be as popular as the Kremrole, but it is nonetheless, delicious.  These cone shaped pastries soft on the inside and slightly crunchy on the inside, and can be sprinkled with roasted pecans or sliced almonds.  What truly makes them special is the many variations of fillings available.  From fresh berries and whipped cream to Nutella to homemade ice cream.

As you take in the breathtaking sights in Prague, do not overlook the treasure trove of culinary delights around every corner. They are an equally important part of the culture and daily life of the Czech people.

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Jim Bozzelli