The thriving cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and one of the most fascinating places in the country. Plaza de Mayo sits at the center of the city and is lined with historic 19th century buildings that take visitors back in time. It is the site of Casa Rosada, the world-famous presidential palace.

One of the best offerings in Buenos Aires is the mouthwatering food. The only challenge here is trying all of the dishes you crave. Fortunately, we have comprised a comprehensive list for you of the most delicious eats in this world-class city.


If you are a fan of cheese, the pizza in Buenos Aires will suit your fancy. It is loaded with cheese, light on the sauce and served on a thick crust. Locals pair their pizza with fainâ, a chickpea pie or pancake served atop the pizza.


The only true street food in the city is simple. It consists of chorizo and bread and is best enjoyed with chimichurri piled on top. You can find it just about anywhere in Buenos Aires, from a street cart to a family barbeque.


Does a melted disc of provolone cheese seasoned with herbs and served up hot sound appealing to you? Then you will feel like you have died and gone to heaven when you get your first taste of provoleta. This grilled dish is perfect as an appetizer paired with sweetbreads or chorizo.

Locro Stew

It is hard to resist a stew filled with tasty ingredients such as squash, white corn, lima beans, chorizo and your choice of meat. This traditional Andean dish is widely eaten on May 25th and July 9th, both of which are holidays in Argentina. It is just the dish to make you feel cozy on a chilly winter day.

Tamales and Humita En Chala

A staple throughout Latin America, tamales are delicious in just about any form. The Buenos Aires version is no exception. The wider, shorter iteration is still bursting with juicy, tender meat and easy to eat just about anywhere. Humita en chala is wrapped in corn, as well, and consists of creamed corn and cheese. Goat cheese is a particularly appealing option.

World-Famous Beef
A trip to Buenos Aires wouldn’t be the same without trying some of the beef that makes Argentina famous. Pair it with the Argentine red wine, Malbec, for a perfect meal and drink combination. Lining the streets you’ll find plenty of parrillas (steakhouses) and one of the best is Cabaña las Lilas. This 80 year favorite among locals combines pasture-raised cows, even down to the grasses fed, with perfect cuts and culinary skills for the most mouth-watering of beef in Buenos Aires. In fact, the beef is so tender, wait staff will even slice steaks at the tableside with a spoon.

Ice Cream

The ice cream in Buenos Aires is, in a word, outstanding. It is as light as it is creamy. There is also no shortage of Dulce de Leche at the best ice cream shops in town. The sorbet does not disappoint, either, with a mind-blowing selection of flavors.

Milanesa Napolitana

Perhaps one of the most indulgent foods you will every eat, milanesa napolitana thinly sliced chicken or beef breaded and deep fried. You can take it a step further and top it with mozzarella, tomato sauce and ham to further amplify the taste.


While the ice cream is stand out dessert option, the locally made cookies are certainly not a poor alternative. On the contrary, they are divine. Bathed in chocolate and sandwiched sandwich a slab of dulce de leche, alfajores are a popular snack in the city.

Cuisine is among the many delights found in Buenos Aires. When you know the best local food to eat, you will have a fun and delicious stay in this enchanting city.

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