Located along the side of the Adriatic Sea, the city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is a hidden gem among the coastal cities of the Mediterranean. Its strategic location provides for a fusion of flavors, even with the most simple of ingredients.  Here are a few things you must try when in Dubrovnik, Croatia:


Popular along the city streets, these citrus candies made from orange or lemon peels are beautiful and tasty.

Bakalar Na Bijelo

Salted dried cod fish has been a staple in Dubrovnik for centuries, and this dish represents the beauty of cooking with simple ingredients.  Steamed potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt are beaten together until a silky smooth texture develops.  Then this is served on homemade toasted bread.

Dagnje na Buzaru

Popular along the Dalmatian Coast, Dagnje na Buzaru or simply, “mussel stew” is the Croatian version of French steamed mussels. Prepared with fresh mussels, white wine, garlic, breadcrumbs and parsley, this piping hot stew is perfect on a cold, windy day!

Šporki Makaruli
Translated to “dirty macaroni” this classic dish is to Croatians what mac and cheese is to Americans.  It consists of macaroni, beef or pork, goat or parmesan cheese, a dash of cinnamon, red wine, tomatoes, and onions.  It’s delicious with a slice of crusty rustic bread!

Peka Under the Bell

Peka is a baked dish combining vegetables and meat, often with wine in one pot, similar to pot roast.  The peka pot is covered with a dome shaped lid, known as “the bell.”  What’s lovely about this dish is that it is baked the old fashioned way: the pot is placed under the embers in a large fireplace and simmered for three to four hours.  The final result is extremely tender meat, and a flavorful, one pot meal.

Zelena Menestra
Another Croatian favorite is zelena menestra, or “green stew.”  This dish dates back to 1480, believe it or not, and rivals the Irish version of cabbage and sausage or corned beef.  Though no chef will share his or her recipe, it’s generally made with kale, cabbage, potatoes, bacon, homemade sausage and ham hocks.  The final result is colorful, yet delightfully pleasant meal.

Punjene Paprike
Croatian stuffed peppers with red sauce is yet another favorite in Dubrovnik.  Made with ground meat such as pork, lamb, veal or beef as well as rice or potatoes then carefully stuffed into bell peppers, topped with a tomato red sauce and baked to perfection it is easy to understand why they are so popular among locals and tourists alike.

Janjetina S Ražnja
Marinated with herb-infused olive oil, seasoned with sea salt then rotated frequently over open flames, there is nothing quite like spit-roasted lamb.  When it is crispy and golden brown, it is carefully removed, portioned then served with green or sliced onions, potatoes and crispy bread.

Stonska Torta
Be sure to try the stonska torta,also known as Ston Cake while in Dubrovnik. This wonderful dessert is part pasta, part cake and part Greek Baklava.  This unusual, but delightful cake consists of ground walnuts, ground almonds, butter, vanilla, rum, cinnamon and of course…pasta!


Unique to Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian region is Rožata, a custard dessert similar to Mexican flan or French crème brûlée.  What makes this truly unique is flavor which comes from the rozalin liqueur, which is derived from roses.

One of the best ways to experience the culture of Dubrovnik, Croatia is through its food.  You’ll find a variety of flavors and new ways to experience foods that are familiar.

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Jim Bozzelli