Though Tokyo, Japan is known for its rich culture and busy lifestyle, the city is much more than just a tourist hot spot. Throughout the city you can visit and taste the fresh seafood, ancient techniques, and trendy foods.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Ise Sueyoshi

Ise Sueyoshi is a privately owned traditional “Kaiseki” style Japanese restaurant. Simply stated, this is dining in the royal fashion.  Multi-course meals with elegant plating make for a truly unique experience.  The owner opened up the restaurant in 2015, serving sushi as well as traditional Japanese dishes. Ise Sueyoshi also provides numerous meal options to include the vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free customers.

Teppan Baby Shinjuku

Teppan Baby Shinjuku is a Japanese style pub restaurant with bilingual servers and staff. The restaurant has comfortable atmosphere with delicious and exotic foods. It is often filled with tourists from around the world, so be prepared to meet some faces from a little bit of everywhere. They also offer up vegetarian and gluten free options.

Sakura Cafe Jimbocho

Sakura Cafe Jimbocho is a one of a kind experience. The cafe is a hotspot for tourists, serving over 30,000 guests from 100 different countries every year. There are teas, coffees, beers, and foods from all around the world on their menu.


GINZA is a highly ranked and respected drink establishment in Tokyo. With all their drinks being only 300 yen (that is roughly $2.70 USD), it is a steal for anyone who likes to go in and taste the world. They also offer appetizers so you won’t be drinking on an empty stomach!

Himawari Zushi Shintoshin

In Japan, it would be a problem if you didn’t stop by at least one sushi restaurant. How about going to a restaurant where the sushi comes to you on a conveyor belt? Himawari Zushi Shintoshin is the place to go for nicely priced sushi, quick service, and fresh products.

Han no Daidokoro Kadochika

Han no Daidokoro Kadochika is an Asian barbecue steakhouse, serving up the famous Japanese wagyu beef that melts in your mouth like butter. The staff is known to be superbly friendly and the food is something that people will rave about years after their experience.

Kyochabana, Shinjuku Toho Bldg

Known for their Okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) and Yakisoba (noodle stir-fry), the Kyochabana Shinjuku Toho Bldg is a restaurant perfect for people who want to experience delicious Japanese food. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with very pleasant wait staff


Kikko is a restaurant that will never stop delighting the customers with their incredibly versatile and authentic Japanese foods along with live musical performances throughout the day. The owner is known to be very attentive and caring to his guests.

Shin Udon

Shin Udon is a local udon place that serves amazing food for a decent price. Usually the line is long but many say it is definitely worth the wait. Once seated the food comes out quickly and hot, as they take your order while you are waiting in line. The food and taste is fresh and welcoming – a perfect way to end the day of exploring Tokyo.

Of course, this is only scratching the surface of the wide variety of cuisines you can find in Tokyo, Japan. You’ll find that the food and drink in Tokyo provides many options as well as great diversity.  No matter what your culinary adventure, you’ll find Tokyo will delight your guests!

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