As the capital of China for over 800 years, Beijing is a breathtaking blend of rich history and notable modern advancements. It is the site of some of the finest artifacts in all of China, and at the same time, a bustling modern metropolis. This attractive mixed bag of the old and new is one of the many reasons visitors flock to the imperial city. It is also a major cultural hub. These factors have helped contribute to Beijing’s impressive food scene. Here, we give you the scoop in the best food you can find in this fascinating place.


This popular dish, otherwise known as Chinese dumplings, is widely available throughout Beijing. While you can get it just about anywhere, small scale family eateries typically serve the most delicious versions. Take your cue from the menus at these restaurants, which are usually limited to Jiaozi. The savory dish is typically paired with chili dip, vinegar and soy sauce.

Zhajiang Mian

Soy is used in many Asian dishes and it has a starring role in zhajiang mian. Hand-pulled noodles are made from soy paste. They are tossed with pork and at least seven different kinds of chopped vegetables. This entrée is budget-friendly and ready fast, making it a convenient option if you are in a hurry.

Donkey Burger

Yes, this burger is literally made of donkey meat. That said, the sandwich is mouthwatering, as the sweet green relish and crisp bun perfectly complement the juicy shredded meat nestled within. You can find restaurants serving donkey burgers by searching for a sign on the front of the building indicating that donkey meat is available. In Chinese, it will read “驴肉.”

Tudou Si

There are plenty of meatless food options in Beijing and tudou si is one of them. It is comprised of potatoes shredded, seasoned, stir fried and finished off with green peppers. However, it is the coating of sweet gloss that really puts this dish over the top in terms of taste. You can eat tudou si hot or cold.

Tuckahoe Pie

This traditional snack is popular with Chinese people both because of its taste and its health benefits. Tukahoe pie is prepared by wrapping a pancake wrapped in a variety of nuts, honey and sugar. Notably, tuckahoe is an herb with significant medical effects. For this reason, the equipment and preparation process used have been documented carefully.

Beijing Roast Duck

Also known as Peking duck, the Beijing version of roast duck is perhaps the most famous of foods that have come out of the capital city. Interestingly, it is not the meat that is celebrated, but rather, the skin. When Peking duck is prepared properly, the skin is think and crispy.

Jing Jiang Rousi

The locals love jing jiang rousi and with good reason. Succulent pork is sliced, cooked in a sweet bean sauce and presented with soybean wraps. If you want to eat authentic Beijing food, you cannot pass up jin jiang rousi. It is one of the few dishes that originated in the capital city.

Mongolian Hotpot

Partaking in Mongolian hotpot is like traveling back in time. This dish made its debut more than 1,000 years ago. It is all about the experience, which involves cooking thinly sliced meat – typically lamb – and an assortment of other ingredients such as bread and vegetables in a sizeable pot of boiling soup.

There is nothing quite like sampling the standout cuisine in Beijing. Our handy guide ensures that you will try the very best the imperial city.

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